Sorting and packaging
Efficient detection and removal of foreign bodies and irregular fruits from deep frozen fruit is the main function of sorting process, which enable us to sort out by-product from top quality fruit. Sorting line needs a lot of direct labour in order to sort-out bad quality.

In total, we have 10 sorting lines for manual sorting from which we can sort out up to 15 tons of finished product per shift or 600 tons of finished product per month. The processing capacity depends on fruit type, raw material and product quality.

In Mondi Lamex, we also use Laser sorting line in order to detect and remove all foreign bodies from deep frozen fruit. Laser sorting line enables us to add value to our products. We own 2 modern technology lasers with total capacity of 4 MT per hour.

Packaging line is following the sorting lines, enabling us to pack our product in different package sizes from small 300 grams to standard packages of 2,5 kg. All final products are weighted, labeled, metal detected and palletised.
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