Product quality
As a major red fruit producer, Mondi Lamex has been viewing traceability as a top priority for many years. The industry today needs to be able to give immediate answers to customers whenever something goes wrong. At that moment, traceability systems must be in place, updated and part of the daily business.

At Mondi Lamex, whenever a question regarding a finished product is received, the ability exists to trace all the information on raw material batches immediately using specially designed software and to formulate an adequate answer within 30 minutes. Depending on the fruit type, different kind of pesticides and fertilizers are accepted for use and need to be registered.

Mondi Lamex guarantees traceability based on batch codes. Every received raw material lot is given a unique batch code that details the delivery date and the delivered quality per supplier. Every finished product receives a unique code. This code represents the amount of each raw material batch used in that product. For each delivery to a customer, the quantity of batch codes supplied is registered. This offers complete transparency from the moment the raw material comes till the moment the finished products leave to our customers.
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